The Goddess. 


It was a calm and serene Calcuttian Sunday morning. The sun was shining with the mildest of the rays hitting the humans and making Vitamin D. But in the Ghosh house, curtains were Captain America’s shield to protect the Sleep castle.It was 7 am in the morning. Rest and relaxation spread like the incense aroma all round the house.

In that moment, Arindam woke up as usual. He goes to work at 9 and hence has to get up at 7 am. Exercising was a daily routine till 8 followed by getting ready for the Rush Hour at 9 am.

Debonita, usually awake at 5 am on the weekdays was deep into slumber today as it was the only REST day for her. She would wake up at 5am everyday and make Arindam a nice light breakfast along with packing a tiffin for him. After that waking up her 7 year old  Animesh for his school,getting him ready and sending him for school was the usual morning for Debonita. Literally she got only one day off in a week. 

Grandma Vidya and Animesh were also still in the Land of Dreams, and so Arindam had a thought. The bulb above his head lit up as he decided to bend his schedule a little bit. The Ghosh house were fond of their food. Everyone from Grandma to Animesh, all were finger licking food lovers and Arindam then thought, there is nothing better than waking up to a Sunday morning where someone is standing at your bed with a tray in hand with sumptous breakfast ready for being gulped. Arindam himself enjoyed cooking. A simple family and happy family altogether. It was time they got a surprise.

And thus began the process of making the perfect beginning meal of the day. He went up to the kitchen. Looking at the fridge, “So now. What do we have here. Eggs yeah! I need them. Milk? Ofcourse! Ma would want. And what more? Ah the Dosa batter. Lets eat some dosas today. Haven’t had them in a while.” With all this taken out, he put on the stove, pre heated the pan, “Cluck” cracked the egg and swisshed in the pan. Frying and toppling the sunny side up was ready for Animesh.He toasted some breads, poured the orange juice in the glass and Animesh’s perfect kind of breakfast was ready.

 Hearing the ruckus, Animesh came out. Rubbing his eyes,”Baba what are you doing? I smell eggsy being cooked.” Arindam then told him to go and watch TV as this was all a surprise. Now for Grandma, he heated the milk, put some honey in it and kept it aside. Took another pan out, stirring the batter he poured it over the pan and made two dosas in no time. And Grandma’s meal-o-magic was ready. Now for his sweetheart, he cracked two eggs, put them in a bowl, chilly powder, pepper, onions and whisk whisk whisk… he poured the mixture in the pan making an Omelette. Then he made a Dosa for her as well. Poured some juice in, kept some chutney and now he was ready. 

By now, Grandma was awake and came out sitting besides Animesh. Arindam took the tray and opened the door. Animesh and Grandma heard the door opening and thought of checking in. 

Arindam kissed Debonita on the forehead,waking her up. She was startled as she opened her eyes. “Oh my God.” She shrieked. Hearing this Animesh and Grandma went to the room but stood on the door because what they saw was beautiful. Arindam put the tray in her lap saying, “Here ma’am. Arindam in your service. Here is your taste bud bonanza.” Then as with teary eyes she took the first bite of the omelette, Arindam bent down, touching her feet. She was baffled at was he was doing and so were the two standing at the door. 

“You work so much for all of us, keeping us healthy. I wanted Durga maa to keep all of us happy and so i just worshipped Durga maa. You are Durga maa to all of us. You are our Goddess and our protector and so i worshipped you.” Upon seeing this, tears filled in Grandma’s eyes as she now had seen the most beautiful thing as a mother. Her son had just said and done the most gracious act. Animesh ran in and hugged Arindam from behind. And seeing his maa crying, Arindam went and touched The Elder Durga maa’s feet as well.

It was the perfect beginning of the day. Blessings, breakfast and learning curve for Animesh what respect is and how to treat women. Everyone gathered around, sat on the bed, and their GOOD morning became THE BEST! 



La famille de GMC!


*Sighs* “Well, new place, new people. How do i blend in? Whom do i talk to? Oh my word, that is a dead man lying on a table. *Touches* Not so bad afterall! 

The beginning! 

It was the first time i had seen a formalin soaked person lying stuffed in front of me with people gathered around. Some fascinated. Some terrified. Some wondering, “What is going on?” and then some took in the first puff of formalin and went swirling down to the floor. In between all this, in between the dissection of the superior extremity, i found a bud of La famille. 

From cutting the veins of the hand along with the fascia and wondering at the musculature of viru, our cadaver, Myself, Radhika Ramesh, Nitish Nadkarni, Vinay Samant, Anuj Awad, Srushti Zatakia and Akansha Singh blended like a strawberry smoothie. 

In the central canteen at the Doctor’s table, there sat a group of boys. A group which had chhas, dosa, carrot rice, thums up, bananas, theplas and a lot more in the menu. It was the ultimate buffet that was set up for one hour. R.Siddharth, Shrivallabh Deshpande, Hrishikesh Badgujar, Sahil Shinde and Vinayak Chandan, Keval Shah, Svetanshu Sajwan, Varun Parmar and Vikas Solanki joined the clan. The family was growing even more.

 And then the re-shuffle of the batches. People came in. People went out. New dissection table scenes. And with that new people came here to join the localite family. Saniya Sahasrabuddhe was introduced to me for the first time. Who knew back then that today she would be such a great friend. 

One thing that united us all and made our family grow was Football on the basketball court. Yeah you read it correctly. It was ultimate.Sakshi Parmar, Katha Vaidya, Shreya Mokashi, Swati Bhatt, Shraddha Thube, Krishna Parmar, Kruti Shah,  Divya Vishwakarma, Suraj Mhatre, Gaurav Naik (my goalkeeping competitor), Nauman Mansuri (my attacking competitor), Juilee Kamble, Tanvi Shah and Urshita Shah also joined in. Those bunking classes of Hatekar sir and Sukumaran Ma’am made us grow, made the family grow into a bigger and better one. 

Nitesh Parab, the Rajdhani and Ajinkya Kalia joined us in very late but they did. Shubham Gadkar and Isha Kane also! Who could forger Shweta Mishra!! The topper! 

By december, Neeta Sonar, Sanjana Jaiswar, Huneeti Vira, Mihika Shidore, Vivek Baghel and Akshita Jain had also joined. And not to forget my homies in the form of Karan Dedhia, Harekrishna Vekariya, Rushabh Nandu, Mihir Maniar and vinayak whom i mentioned above. 

This entire thing comprised of what we called as Localites, a family was complete. We, inside of the Grant Medical College had found a new family. The fresher’s night, where every one of us mentioned above rooted for juilee to win, it was a proof of our togetherness. 

But then, bifurcations. New ways. New roads. Some threadings. Some mignlings. Some differences. It made something different. Throwing us apart. This family, something had happened in the wake of cold. No one knew how and when but everyone went separate ways. 

And today as i pen this down, i would want one day, of football again, one day of this bunking again, one day of all the cake cutting and one day of all the laughter that we had. With Mi famila, with the GMC Local Famille!


Chaka Raka! 




​Jarvis was a chubby little cute fellow who hadn’t even completed a decade of life in this world. He, as usual, was sitting in his class with the teacher yet to arrive. Students were still filling in and at that time arrives a gleam, a halo that surrounded the young lady, made his eyes stuck at the moment of entry of the girl. He was awestruck on seeing her. It was just like watching a batsman playing a sumptous cover drive. And as his eyes followed the young girl, to his astonishment the teacher made her sit right next to him. Oh he was elated. And that was the first time his little heart had felt what love truly was! How beautiful but at the same time very alienistic that feeling gripped him. But, by the time he could realise, he had to go a separate path. Over the years, he never forgot the gleam and glow. The charm that accompanied. And several years later, fate had them restored together again! And his heart, once again was enthralled with the love that he once had as a kid only now, he had understood the meaning of love. The true eternal human emotion that love was, he felt on seeing that girl. It was marvellous. The way his heart when for a twirl when she swiveled past him and talked to him all day. And as it all happened and love took a concrete shape, he asked. Asked about the possibility of her being that special someone. And as the outcome was published, he was disappointed. Shattered and bruised. Betrayed and strangled. His love was stabbed with a dagger of two blades that ripped him apart and cast him into the land of uncertainites gripped with fear and agony and pain! 

Somehow jarvis managed to find a route to escape from the shackles and bondage of the rejection and disappointment that had pegged him down and now the free loving Jarvis had become a more cautious and respectful one. 

He couldnt afford another setback like this and so begin his life again. He kept on breaching the layers and clearing levels that took him to the highest point. At this point as he stood at the cliff, on the other side was once again a halo and gleam but this time a different kind. A different one. A more elegant and a more brilliant one. But there lie a big valley of that pit, the pit of despair in between. 

Jarvis was in two minds. To go or not to go. His life had come to a stagnation where he had everything but love. So to win that, he made a leap of faith, trusting the person on the other side that she will hold the hand as she promisingly yelled from the other side. Unos,dos, trés and as he thought that he was winning it, the halo was caught and transferred somewhere else, to someone else and hence the resulting fall again. Knowing the consequence and still making the leap, he showed guts and trust.

Trust on love. But now it was gone. Love had turned his enemy as he got out of there quickly and hastingly. He now had no love left in him. It was all taken up by the halos to power themselves and glimmer themselves more so that they attracted someone else and took off leaving Jarvis into the pitch of black that was once red with joy. 

He now vowed to love sparingly to only who love him back, to the halo who is not a parasite but who is in symbiosis with his soul and the red patch of joy increasing it ever and taking its benefits. 

His love was too pure for those two halos and now he awaits that pureness as he treads on with his life!



As i opened my eyes this morning, there was a feeling. A feeling of being a Champion. The sunday night of the 21st day in the month of May, year 2017 was one of the best days and yet had a feeling of sadness associated with it. 

Chelsea Football Club had become champions again. Over the years, from the day i started supporting  Chelsea in the year 2007 till now, we won many titles. But this title felt different. It was as if i was there with the team the entire time. The ups, the downs, the nailbiting finishes all of them experienced first hand is what my feeling was.

Back in 2007, i was flipping through my TV channels. A young boy then who never knew what football is, tried to see a match for the first time. 

It was Liverpool FC vs Chelsea FC. 

It was that time when two players caught my eye. One with a beautiful passing skill and the other one who was practically a wall! Yes i am talking about Frank Lampard and John Terry. It was magical seeing Lampard gives those beautiful passes and that is what mesmerized me. Then gradually as time passed, the Blue seed inside of me that was planted, started blooming. I constantly started seeing Chelsea’s matches and by the time season ended,I had chosen Chelsea Football Club. 

Being a goalkeeper myself, i started learning from the legendary shot stopper, “Big Pete, PETR CECH.” OH it was so sensational how he made those saves. The head gear that he had on actually baffled me at first but then as i came to know why he wears it, there was a motivation. The first lesson that Chelsea taught me via Big pete!  Never ever to give up and stand up tall even after the most worst circumstances. 

Leading always had been one of the things i did and who other than The Captain. The leader. The legend to teach me that. John terry taught me how to hold the team together and always keep on trying. Magical and Graceful. Blooming and charismatic. Such was the class of that midfielder because of whom i fell in love with Chelsea. Yes. That is Super Frankie, Frank Lampard. He taught me to stand up and rise to the occasion and always give the best. 

Lastly The talisman. The deadshot. The Sniper and the King! Didier Drogba. The man who got us the UEFA Champions League, the man who taught me to keep my chin up and destroy all the haters by beating all odds. 

And as Chelsea Football Club lifted the trophy at Stamford Bridge, tears rolled down my eyes. Champions. After what happened last season, this year feels even more sweeter and the trophy even bigger. Yet a part me was extremely sad as the Club i started supporting had undergone a passage of batons. With JT going, an era ended at Chelsea. The era of Super frankie, big pete, king drogba and the captain leader legend. The club i had supported since a child was now more than just a club to me. 

It has become my life, It has become a source of inspiration. A great teacher. Football has made me grow but Chelsea Football Club has been the love of my life, and it will always be because Once a blue, forever a blue. 

And as JT lifted the trophy for a record 5th time for him, I felt emancipated. Elated and excited. Also not to forget The Gaffer : Antonioooo! Antonioooo! Antonio, Antonio, Antoniooooo! Conte.


Keep the blue flag flying high

One life, one love, one club. 



The kick! 


It was the final moments of the match. The score tied at 0-0. “In comes the corner and it is in! They score with the final kick of the game. They are the champions“, yelled the commentator as Miguel ran from his goal,which he guarded so well for the whole match to his team-mates and jumped into the frantic celebrations.

 He now had everything. The only trophy that he was vying for since the three years had finally been placed in his cabinet. The all prestigious tournament had been won and he was a champion. He had conquered his fears as well as passed all the obstacles, put in all his effort to save every possible goal and rightly so he enjoyed the triumph thereafter. 

And yet this victory seemed a little incomplete. He now had everything in the world he had dreamt for. The trophy, the knowledge and the glory. Just one thing was missing and that was his heart which was with someone else. “I won the trophy”, he phoned her and congratulations poured in from all sides. 

At last he thought,“Finally i have everything i wanted. But then should i take the risk? Should i go and tell it?” Thinking about it he went off to sleep as the tiring matches he played were like a lullaby in his ears. Football made him rise to the power. Football made him the best. 

But still the best was thinking  about her. And as time went by he told her about the feel. He was of the notion that if not the heart atleast a friend she would stay but no. Life had other varieties in store. He was agonizingly in pain and all his happiness from football went down the drain. He started to feel doubtful of himself. Clouding of his thought led to injuries and a decline. Doom as we say, gloomed over his sunny hay. He was shattered. 

Miguel had now gone from a campeoñ to a failure. Focus, passion everything lost. He did not even play football. He was so full of self doubt that even before kicking he thought too much of her and the verdict. And as he was about to fall in the pit yet again, “in came a gloved hand.” It was him from 2 months ago. The champion, the hero. 

“Suit up you idiot”,he said. “Its unfair and unjust to play football like a passionless drone. Go out and enjoy.” 

So he went to the place where everything started. Where he first stood in between the poles, where he first saved a goal, his childhood homeground. He had to play against kids who were brilliant for their age at the game.

 He made his way out to that green outfield with post at both ends, he felt different this time. The kids fired and fired and yet with every save he grew back. He climbed back and by the end of what was maybe the most important game of his life, miguel finally dived across full stretch into the top corner and saved the goal. 

In that very beautiful moment with an outstertched hand and body, 

He was flying again. He was soaring. He had that wild gush of enthusiasm that leaked through his eyes. He found out that campeoñ again. He then kept a clean sheet thus winning the game. He was a winner again. 

Against the kids at the grassroot level was okay but moreover what made him come back was the passion of those teensy little footballers and their skill. 

He looked at the sky and mumbled, hands held up pointing to the sky”Dear football, never ever again in my life i will ever do injustice to you due to some heartbreak or sad incident. You are my healing, you the medicine. You are why i am here again, you are why i have felt like a champion again.Football, thank you.”

He walked out of the pitch kissing it and thanked the kids along the way.and while walking all the way, he kept on staring at the skies. 

Football had rescued him. The breakage was healed and today as he dawns his shirt of the team with pride, he sees a champion. He sees a person who inspite of a setback again got up and played, played till he smiled again, played till he cried again because of his excellent game, the game of Football. 


The Light. 


In everyone’s life, there is light and there is dark. There is happiness and sadness. There is hope as well as despair. Life is always about a perfect balance served up so beautifully that the tastebuds of your thought get stimulated in just the right manner as also just enough to give what life wants to give. 

Well, i have had plenty of ups,downs,rights and lefts and all sorts of directions but one constant thing has been her and it would be an injustice to her, if i do not pen down something for her in my blog. She is :

The cupcake when i cried😭; The water when i dried; The vision to my eyes; when the heart and brain told lies. 

I do not know how but when i talk to her, it always sends me through this river so calm that i just relax and bask in her serenity and then think with a clear mind. 

She is also a stimulator for logical thought as well as the understanding principle. She is the validator of the decisions and the perfect advisor to my interests in life.

 I have never ever thought of such a possibility that she could go away. Never. Although i may add that due to my stupidity i almost lost her as i did not talk to her for so long. That phase was the most difficult of my life to be honest. Those 2 years, without the chirp of the canary, i succumbed to a plethora of things just so to emerge eventually. It is due to her extreme kindness and her majesty’s forgiveness which i am very happy that she granted, Life gave us another chance. 

 Over the next 4 years, we couldn’t meet. Waiting and waiting for our timings to match, we patiently waited for the train to come at the station so that we both could get in. And finally that day arrived and after 4 long years. We met. It was soothing. Perfect. After i went home that day, my smile knew no bounds. I saw that same laughter i used to see in school. I could see the same old savagery(which is a little teetsy bit enhanced) coming through. But all of that aside, that day was special. Special enough to put a never to be rubbed off wide smile on my face.

And as i enter into the present, i would describe her as an angelic devil. 

My Delight. 

My soul strength.


Rajvi Desai. Oh she is a delight. 

In these 20 years and 10 months of my life span, she has been there with me for almost half of that duration. Standing by my side whether it be an injury or a break of a tear, whether it be a dawn of new sun or the dusk that comes at the end, she has always been standing. And also the most recent darkness that galloped me, she was my baton, she was My light, my delight. 

If i were granted those 3 wishes, one of them would inevitably be you, to be by my side. Everytime. Always. 

Losing you for me would be like knicking a carotid artery. Disintegration. 

I just wish at this hour, that always be my delight, always be by my side, Always be THAT LIGHT. 


The Libra of Life. 


Opposites. Why exactly do we have them? Opposites in ideas, emotions, principles as well as the people around. Why do we actually enjoy and wish to be an opposite? 

Well walking down the boulevard of Marine Drive, Mumbai there was a thought. And as the observational focus came into the mix, i saw, there are situations. These situations, they have 2 things, contrasting things attached to them. So plainly speaking, Marine Drive is a place where you will find love. The sea, the sunset and the beautiful breeze that blows, it is the epitome of romance that the nature can present. It is the classical hormonal stimulant to bring out the thought and feeling of love.

But looking at the other  side, what i also saw was a person, saddened by the thought and just looking at the sea. Looking at how calm it was yet so fierce. Talking to sun about the fire that used to be there within him which was tamed by none other than Love and thus he also let his emotions set with the sun hoping to be the man, cited in the paragraph above. 

Why do we see such things? Why is there this contrast? Just to maintain the balance? 

The answer is Yes.

 And the best example is Birth and Death. Hospital, my place of worship, is the place where this law of contrast and balance holds up in its purest form. You see a mother’s face full of tears on seeing her baby which she carried for 9 months. The miracle of birth. 

A mother who is also full of tears on seeing his son pass away. The one for whom she made all the sacrifices and gave up her happiness just to make sure her boy gets a proper sleep and now he was gone. The tragedy of death.

 So tears here are the common thing like love but separated and contrasted by two extremes. 

Nature gives you both. The calmness and the ferociousness. The lift and the drop. The question and the answer. It has always been the balance of this contrasting  ideas that we enjoy the subtle happiness that it offers, the little smile when you are with your love and a tear of sadness when you lose someone you love. 

So do not strive to be the opposite. Strive to be yourself as nature will take care of what has to be on offer. It will either make you the opposite or let you be the mainstream depending upon what you actually deserve, and not what you demand. 

So keep being happy in what you have and not let the green grass on the opposite intimidate you as the barren land of yours is being ploughed and sowed to be turned into a lush pasture of happiness and prosperity.